When participating in soccer betting, you will undoubtedly come across various Asian Handicap bets, such as the level ball (draw) handicap, 1/2 handicap, 3/4 handicap, etc. Today, Wintips will introduce to you what the Asian Handicap draw (level ball) bet is and provide some tips to increase your chances of winning.
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What is the Asian Handicap draw (level ball) bet?
The Asian Handicap draw, also known as the level ball or the draw bet, is one of the popular Asian handicap bet types used today. When this handicap is in play, it means that both teams in the match are evenly matched, with neither team being given a handicap advantage.
The Asian Handicap draw reflects a balance of strength between the two teams, making it challenging to predict the winning team. However, this is a commonly seen betting option in soccer, so it's not entirely impossible to make accurate predictions. To do so, you need to not only understand what the Asian Handicap draw is but also be familiar with other handicap bets and gain some experience to effectively play this type of bet.
How to play the Asian Handicap draw (level ball)
After understanding the concepts of the Asian Handicap draw, here are the possible scenarios for this bet when there is a draw or a win in the match. To calculate your winnings when placing a level ball bet, follow these rules:
In the case of a draw, if you placed a bet on either team, you will receive a refund equal to the amount you wagered.
If one of the teams wins, and you placed a bet on the winning team, you will receive a payout based on the odds of the bet, multiplying your wager by the winning odds. If you bet on the losing team, you will lose the entire amount you wagered.
Additionally, if your bet is a losing one but the loss ratio is less than the losing odds, you will receive a refund for the difference between the two.
Winning Tips for the Asian Handicap draw (level ball)
Now that you know what the Asian Handicap draw is, how can you increase your chances of winning this bet? We have compiled some winning tips for playing the Asian Handicap draw below.
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Research Both Teams Before Placing a Bet
Handicap betting can often pose a challenge for many bettors as it involves assessing the equal strength and skill of both teams. To make an informed betting choice, it's crucial to thoroughly research the handicap odds before placing your bet. Under no circumstances should you bet on a match that has not yet started. Instead, it's advisable to wait for about 15 minutes into the game before making your betting decision. During this time, you should closely monitor the match's developments to make the most accurate betting predictions.
Choose Your Betting Team Based on the Situation
It is generally a good practice to choose the home team for betting, as playing on their home ground provides several advantages, such as familiarity with the pitch, which increases their chances of winning. The enthusiastic support from the home fans can also act as a motivating factor for the team to secure a victory.
When researching the starting lineups of both teams, pay attention to the injury status of the attacking players. To increase your chances of winning, opt for teams with consistent form and good recent performance records.
Since both teams are considered evenly matched, the team that scores the first goal in such a scenario is more likely to win. There may be situations where both teams initially have a level handicap, but if the home team scores first and changes the handicap to 1/4 in their favor with the away team, it's a good opportunity to place a bet on the home team with a 1/4 handicap.
Smart Money Management for Betting
When engaging in betting, it's essential to manage your money wisely. Before placing a bet, you should have a detailed plan specifying how much money you are willing to wager and set a limit for when to stop betting if your expenditure exceeds your initial plan. This approach helps you determine the right moment to quit to prevent significant financial losses.
Select a Reliable Bookmaker for Handicap Betting
Choosing a reputable bookmaker is a crucial aspect of participating in handicap betting. The choice of bookmaker can significantly impact your betting success. Before selecting a bookmaker, carefully research the bookmaker's information or seek advice from experienced bettors to ensure that you make an informed decision.
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In Conclusion
In this discussion, we have shared insights into what handicap betting is all about. We hope that the knowledge provided by Wintips will help you gain a better understanding of how to analyze football odds effectively and increase your chances of winning.