Algorand TPS
Algorand TPS
ALGO TPS – 1000 TPS.
ALGO Block Size – 5,000 transactions per block.
ALGO Block Finalization – Time of 4.5s.
Guaranteed Finality on all transactions.
For new year 2021, the Algorand blockchain is working to leverage an innovative pipelining approach towards achieving a step function improvement in the scale, capacity and speed of the Algorand Blockchain. In 2021, performance levels will reportedly be:

46,000 TPS.
Block Size: 25,000 transactions per block.
Block Finalization time of 2.5 secs.
Guaranteed Finality on all transactions.
The Algorand Blockchain is choosing to use finalized block transaction time to measure TPS (Transactions per Second), rather than Block Proposition time. For more details on the Algorand project, visit the official website at

The Algorand blockchain network has its own official native cryptocurrency, called the ALGO coin, to drive the borderless economy and the system of incentives. Algorand utilizes a Pure Proof of Stake, where validators are not rewarded nor are they at risk of being slashed.
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